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Question. Investigate. Discover.

We are so excited that you are interested in our latest project! 

Put simply- QID is an interactive, educational program featuring an online video streaming service and outdoor virtual club. 

The unique program is designed to do three things:

1. captures kids attention
2. sparks their curiosity, and 
3. make learning fun again!

Frequently Asked Questions about QID:

How much does QID membership cost?
-QID membership costs only $20/month. Thats it!

When can I sign up?
-As long as all goes as planned, QID's video subscription service will go live Monday, Aug 3rd, 2020.

What comes with a QID membership?
-a periodic newsletter with helpful tips to keep the learning fun, access to the QID video archive, a new video and investigation assignment to complete with your child/children/students every week, access to videos and photos of us on some of our investigations in nature, and more.

Who is QID membership for?
-parents of children age 4 and up, early childhood teachers, elementary school teachers, homeschool families, and anybody else who wants to do fun projects and learn from the natural world around us.

How does QID work?
1. You click this link to go to the video list (not quite live yet...).
2. Mr. Jeremy (or a member) comes up with a question.
3. Mr. Jeremy researches, scripts, and records a fun (and sometimes silly) way to explain and, if possible, demonstrate the answer
4. Each week you watch the newly released video uploaded to the website (or any of the videos in the archive). At the end of each video recorded, Mr. Jeremy gives out an assignment for you to complete with your child.
5. You designate a time during the week to dig in to the investigation with your child/children/students. You can go as in depth with this step as you want. Be sure to snap photos and take notes to share with us; we want this to be as interactive as possible. 
6. Repeat with as many videos as you want during the week (only ONE new video released each week). 
Note: at the end of every month we will record a video including everybody's discoveries and questions so that the children can learn from each other as well. 

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